Zoundry Test

by garth on August 11, 2006

Now I’m trying out Zoundry, which to my great surprise is written in Python with the wxPython framework — just like Juice. Some nice things:

  • Unlike Ecto, the editor keeps up with my typing just fine and I can edit existing posts.

  • Unlike either Ecto or Performancing, hitting Enter gives me a new paragraph represented in the output as a p tag. Nice!

Not so good:

  • Publishing an edit just failed with a Publish Error:

    Error posting entry – XmlRpc post request failed: RpcPublisherError[‘Error posting edited entry [postid: 2004, blogid: 1].’ type:General Error, code:0 msg:junk after document element: line 11, column 0]

    Re-trying worked fine. Weird.

  • Alt-P brings up the Post dialog, but the Post button isn’t selected. If I’m updating a post, I probably don’t want to change all the keywords; being able to Alt-P twice or Alt-P Enter would be lovely.

Y’know, I could get to like this one.