ClearContext 3.0: you can save cash and help Garth!

by garth on September 20, 2006

[Attempt 2, thanks to some WordPress mishap]

As I mentioned on my experimental MSN space:

ClearContext assigns priorities to mail based on thread and participant, and colour-codes and sorts your mail by those priorities. That doesn’t sound as amazing as it is. I’ve never put down my credit card faster than when told my trial had expired.

I’m still delighted with the product, despite barely scratching the feature set. Important items float to the top of my inbox as if by magic, and I can assign labels and file them without dragging and dropping. Once I’ve labelled a thread, future mail in the same thread automatically inherits the label. There’s even a whole Getting Things Done workflow system in there.

Not resting on their laurels, they’re nearly ready to release ClearContext IMS 3.0, which has a feature I dearly want: unsubscribing from threads so that they’re automatically filed out of your inbox. That one feature alone is probably worth the cost of the upgrade.

The evil geniuses in ClearContext Marketing have come up with a strategy to generate pre-launch buzz that might save me that upgrade fee, however: a personal coupon code that’ll save you $15 and get me my upgrade for free. Just quote CC15-15411 when you buy ClearContext, and we’ll both come out ahead of the game.

PS: it worked!