Why reboot?

by garth on September 14, 2006

Those few (perhaps zero) of you that read my site directly, rather than via a feed reader, might have noticed that

  1. everything looks a little different; and
  2. all of the old posts are missing.

The first is deliberate. I’m still trying to figure out whether the second is deliberate, too.

Over the years I’ve used a few different blogging platforms. I started with Blogger, which I gave up because I couldn’t make my own improvements to it. I switched to Radio Userland, which I gave up because it was too unpredictable a platform for me to make my own improvements. From there I switched to (and helped develop) PyDS, which I’m giving up because I want a platform on which I can’t make my own improvements.

To cut a long story short: I’m too old to stay up all night fixing bugs — just ask my poor Juice users. The tiniest problem can throw a six month gap into my blog. As I originally put it five months ago when I made the decision: “Uncle.” .

(As my mate Alastair might put it: I’ve had a geezer moment. Hey, Al! You’re #1!)

So, I’m switching to WordPress. I don’t have to develop it. There are billions of plug-ins. My ISP can provide technical support. Sweet.

I’m still trying to figure out whether or not to import all my old posts, for technical and content reasons.

Technically, the problem is mixed formats. My original Blogger and Radio posts have a lot of HTML in them, and most of my PyDS posts are in reStructuredText. So, importing will require some scripting work to pre-render those pages. That’ll involve development and bug fixing. See also: old geezer, above.

With regard to the content, I’m not sure that all of my old posts are worth the effort of recovery. It didn’t hurt too much to never quite import my old Blogger posts into my Radio blog, so maybe it won’t hurt too much to leave my old Radio and PyDS posts behind. I have no massive reader base to disappoint, either. Perhaps I’ll only import those that have active incoming links. Perhaps I’ll import those and some old favourites. Perhaps I’ll never quite get around to either.

At least, for now, I’ve got a working platform upon which I can write without hassle. So far, so good.