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October 2006

Creating Books in Aperture

by garth on October 26, 2006

In Derrick’s recent interview of Steve Simon, on Heroines and Heroes, Steve mentions that he used Aperture to put together a basic version of the book before taking it to the publisher. I’m shocked. It’s one thing to know that your software has a feature; another entirely to know that it’s good enough for professional use…


PayPal Spring Fling: Surprise!

by garth on October 21, 2006

I’m still shaking my head at this one: Zoe got mail from PayPal telling her she’d won $50 in their Spring Fling competition, and as near as we can make out it wasn’t a phishing attempt. Good signs include: The link from the mail is to, not some random IP address; IE verified the […]


How to Take Group Shots With Nobody Blinking

by garth on October 16, 2006

The easiest way to get a group photo in which nobody is blinking is to take a lot of shots; but how many? The answer, according to Ig Nobel prize-winning research, is to take the number of people and divide by…

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Aperture: Moving Masters

by garth on October 15, 2006

You can move masters to another project, and “dumb” albums will survive. Unfortunately, “smart” albums don’t fare as well…


Aperture Smart Albums: Not That Smart

by garth on October 15, 2006

Aperture smart albums can’t exclude based on keyword, and the Mac OS X screen saver is a foot fetishist. I’d like to see *that* in a Mac/PC ad…


Enough Tinkering, Already!

by garth on October 9, 2006

Jeff “Coding Horror” Atwood has, in two consecutive posts, highlighted my reasons for my two big switches of late, both of which were from home-grown solutions to something that works straight out of the box with no assembly required. I love tinkering, but I’m sick of it being a productivity boat-anchor…

How to Buy a New Mac Pro

by garth on October 6, 2006

Scott Bourne recently published Aperture Trick #59 on building a dream MacPro for use with Aperture. I’d like to contribute some additional advice for people who, like me, aren’t experienced Mac owners: how you buy your Mac is as important as what you put in it…


Batting for the Other Team

by garth on October 5, 2006

It’s time to come out of the closet. My PC started flaking out, and after months of analysis paralysis I ended up buying some kick-arse hardware I won’t have to fuss with for ages. Life is good! There’s just one thing, though…

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by garth on October 4, 2006

I was hoping to post to let my feed subscribers know that I’ve taken my bookmarks out of my feed, but the poor lads at FeedBurner are having trouble again…