Aperture: Moving Masters

by garth on October 15, 2006

I’ve experimented with moving masters to solve my dumb albums problem, and have both good and bad news.

The good news is: you can move masters from one project to another. The cursor won’t change to let you know what’s about to happen (unlike, say, adding photos to an album), but a black border will appear around the project name. When you let go of the mouse button, you’ll be given the opportunity to cancel. There’s no way to tell Aperture to not warn you next time. Thankfully, you shouldn’t be moving masters to other projects too often.

Any albums in the old project will survive: as the Move alert tells you, their references will be updated. It might seem weird to have an album in one project pointing to masters in another, but it makes sense when you consider an album named “Portfolio”, in which you’d really like your best photos from any and all projects.

The bad news is: “smart” albums will break. My “Mug Shots” smart folder, for example, no longer found photos with the tag — even after I moved it to the new project. I had to re-create it from scratch. I thank the gods I’m not moving a year’s worth of pictures to another project, losing all twelve of my by-the-month smart folders and any other date-constrained special event folders.

Can anyone recommend a good resource for using Automator with Aperture?


Bagelturf 01.23.07 at 3:09 pm

Smart albums will break if they are specific to the project. So create the smart albums in the library and moving the images around will not have any effect.

Jaakko Saari 04.21.07 at 6:04 pm

Good post!
One thing I haven’t yet figured out in Aperture is that what if I want to delete the project, and move the masters back to the top level Library. The Manual doesn’t tell me this.
I can make new projects and move the masters around them with no problem.
But then I accidentally made a project and moved few masters to it. Now I want to get rid of the damn Project and put my photos back to the Main library or what is it called.
Or then I’m just dumb not to realize how to do this.

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