PayPal Spring Fling: Surprise!

by garth on October 21, 2006

I’m still shaking my head at this one: Zoe got mail from PayPal telling her she’d won $50 in their Spring Fling competition, and as near as we can make out it wasn’t a phishing attempt.

Good signs include:

  • The link from the mail is to, not some random IP address;
  • IE verified the certificate; and
  • Zoe subsequently logged into her PayPal account from a fresh browser and saw the $50.

On the other hand:

  • There’s no mention of the competition anywhere on PayPal’s site; and
  • There’s no result in Google.

Whilst I’m delighted that Zoe apparently won some cash, I’ve still got an odd itch between the shoulder blades…


Noel 03.29.08 at 12:00 am

so, was it really a win or a phishing?

garth 04.09.08 at 10:44 am

’twas a win. Weird, eh?

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