How noisy are Australian bloggers, anyway?

by garth on November 22, 2006

According to buggerall, I’m the 85th most noisy blogger in Australia (but less than 3% as noisy as Darren “ProBlogger” Rowse). Extracting the top 100…

Australian Blogger Rankings: Noise vs Rank (Top 100)

That’s me, at the right. Here’s the graph of all 923 entries, though:

Australian Blogger Rankings: Noise vs Rank (Top 923)

There’s your classic power law, as you no doubt expected.

For the time being, I can bask in the knowledge that there are at least 84 Australian bloggers noisier than I am. With luck, I’ll slide even further once the rest of the Australian bloggers rush to secure their ranking by registering at buggerall.

(Nice buzz generation exercise, fellas. Onya.)