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March 2007

Apple TV: good luck plugging it in!

by garth on March 31, 2007

If only I'd been following The Register: my shiny new Apple TV lacks any outputs compatible with older televisions. It outputs HDMI or component video; my Grundig takes RGB or composite over SCART. If Apple TV had an S-Video port, I'd be fine. It doesn't. I'm not.   For only an extra AUD$150-250 depending on […]


Idolising Children

by garth on March 21, 2007

Daniel Donahoo is a top bloke. He's just written a book called Idolising Children (that'd be Idolizing Children to you in the USA), in which he calls us to end "frantic over-parenting". We're trying to hold ourselves or others to insane standards of perfection in parenting. That's as silly as being dissatisfied looking in the […]