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May 2007

Rules of H

by garth on May 11, 2007

Put all the cards on the book brochure, lining them up with pictures of books. Willow picks two cards. Dad picks the other two. Each player takes turns. Willow goes first. In each turn: a) Put down a card on a picture of a book. b) Say "H" if it's a big book, or "Chok" […]

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Fix: Python Script Arguments Not Passed

by garth on May 4, 2007

On Windows, you can run a Python script on the PATH simply with its name. These should be equivalent:  c:>congeal blood c:> blood c:>python blood If it's not working that way, fixing PATHEXT and correcting the file type associations with ASSOC and FTYPE will usually do the trick:  c:>set PATHEXT=%PATHEXT%:.PY c:>ftype Python.File="C:Python25python25.exe" "%1" %* […]