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May 2008

Nudi of the Day

by garth on May 15, 2008

Thanks to @codinghorror: David Doubilet’s amazing nudibranch pictures in National Geographic magazine. (The title is homage to a web site that used to exist. I can’t find it, now.)


I’m glad I stumbled across Patrick Altman’s tweet about a “default bug in Django“. I’d never have guessed you can pass a callable to a field’s default= argument, otherwise. That’s quite a powerful idiom, and I think I’ll use it a lot. To balance the karma, I’d like to post a quick reminder to everyone […]


Twitter Emergency Backup

by garth on May 5, 2008

Dave Winer has been thinking about ways to preserve the Twitter community even when Twitter is down. His latest effort is a web service to save Twitter feeds


Twitter’s Famous Last Words?

by garth on May 2, 2008

Just before Twitter went completely dark, I saw this: I’m sure it’ll be back up soon, but ’twas nice to have a laugh before hitting the sack. (Speaking of irony: I have 666 unread items in my feed reader’s Productivity folder…)