Nudi of the Day

by garth on May 15, 2008

Thanks to @codinghorror: David Doubilet’s amazing nudibranch pictures in National Geographic magazine.

David Doubilet\'s amazing nudibranch pictures in the National Geographic

(The title is homage to a web site that used to exist. I can’t find it, now.)


Billigflug 11.20.08 at 11:20 pm

Awesome pictures there! The colors of the nudibranches are just amazing. As far as I know they live in the deep-sea.

Brad @ BitBot Software 05.04.10 at 7:18 pm

@Billigflug No, they live in shallow tropical waters. I’ve seen some (they weren’t as beautiful as the above ones though, we saw heaps of blue and white ones) while diving off Sabah in Malaysia. They can be found at only about 5-10m down.

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